Caring for hardwood furniture made by The Joinery

From Our Customers

"The piece is beautiful. It is the new highlight of the room. The lines are beautiful, especially the Joinery (shaker style) kick. The Western Walnut wood is extraordinary."

Lou S.

Product Care

Depending on hardwood species and construction, your furniture from The Joinery may be affected by light, temperatures and humidity differently. Over the first few months, as the oil finish cures and the wood matures, we suggest periodically moving items sitting on the wood surface so the patina develops evenly.

We provide our customers with a brief guide to the care and maintenance of our furniture. It includes helpful advice about:

  • First-year ownership
  • How to steam out dents
  • Metal maintenance
  • Working with our finishing oils
  • Adjusting doors
  • Leveling cabinets
  • Assembling beds

Our Portland showrooms sell furniture care products such as our Joinery Furniture Oil, Feed-N-Wax, and repair kits. If you are not in the Portland area please call our showroom for help locating furniture maintenance and repair products near you.

Below you will also find a library of videos that The Joinery has developed to help you  assemble and maintain your beautiful hardwood furniture for many years to come. If after watching the videos you still have questions or would like to request a copy of our maintenance brochure, please feel free to contact us at call us at 800.259.6762.

Rejuvenation & Repair

Rejuvenation Service

With a little attention, your pieces from The Joinery can be restored to their original luster. Our video library includes advice on caring for and maintaining your furniture, and you can also contract with us to to do the job. Please contact us for further information and pricing.

Restoration & Repair Services

We can also help with furniture from other manufacturers, including antique furniture. From refinishing your oil finished furniture or repairing pieces that have seen better days, our craftsmen are able to bring pieces back to life. Please contact us for further information and pricing.

How to repair a dent

How to repair a heat ring